Learn how you can shop smart for your next loan with in-depth information and insight on debt consolidation.

Discover the secrets to low rates, choosing the right mortgage company, understanding your credit, new loan options, and more everything you need to get a great loan.

Falling Mortgage Rates Make Debt Consolidation More Interesting
Mortgage rates have fallen steadily over the past several weeks, making debt consolidation a more attractive proposition.

Keep an Eye on the Mortgage Market for Debt Consolidation Opportunities
Lower interest rates may help mortgage companies recover, and ease pressure on mortgage rates.

The Hidden Benefit of Consolidating Debt Into a Mortgage
Beyond managing existing problems, using a home equity mortgage to refinance debt may help reduce future problems.

Mortgage as a Debt Consolidation Tool: Desperate Measures for Desperate Times
Debt consolidation should not be taken lightly, especially when a mortgage is involved, but it is a better alternative than bankruptcy.

Debt Consolidation and Your Home Equity Loan Rate
You're thinking about getting a home equity loan for debt consolidation. Here are some tips for maximizing your savings by reducing high interest rate debt.

How to Behave After Debt Consolidation
Now that you've consolidated your debt, there are some key things you can do to help improve your financial situation.

Stop the Money Spend-A-Thon and Start Saving
Do you know where your money is going each month? If not, it may be time to take a breather and record your spending patterns.

Coping With Credit
Take charge of your credit by starting early.

Take Advantage of Higher Interest Rates
Now is a great time to consolidate your debt with increased savings interest rates. Find the right savings products that will help you reach your goals.

Become a Financial Superstar
Need help climbing out of your financial situation? Try these debt consolidation techniques.

Dissecting the Debt Consolidation Effect
The key to a smart debt consolidation decision is finding out everything you can about the process beforehand.

The Rules for Home Equity and Debt Consolidation
Using your home equity as a debt consolidation tool can be a lifesaving move in the right financial situation.

New Home Loan is the Perfect Debt Consolidation Opportunity
For those about to close on a new home loan, find out why this is the perfect opportunity for debt consolidation.

Shed Excess Debt
Get back to basic strategies to reduce your debt and secure your finances.

Improve Your Credit Score
Your credit card application was denied and your mortgage rate is grossly high. Find out what you can do to turn the financial tide.

Consolidate Your Debt by Reducing Extra Fees
You can beat increasing bank and credit card fees. Find out how.

Reduce Your Debt: Know, Control, and Plan
Mounting debts can ruin your life. Take control today by embarking upon a debt consolidation plan that really works.

The Debit/Credit Card: Are You Playing Out Of Your League?
If keeping up with the Joneses has caused you to live beyond your means, now is the time to consolidate your debt and stop the perils of credit card overspending.

Bad Credit is Not the End of the World
Just because you have sub prime credit doesn't mean that you can't get a favorable mortgage on your next home loan.

Debt Consolidation Refinancing: Which Bills to Pay?
You've just gone through your bills, and know it's time to do something. You can apply for debt consolidation refinancing of your mortgage, but how do you decide which bills should be paid through refinancing?

End The Credit Card Debt Cycle
America is a nation consumed with credit card debt. Now is the time for drastic debt consolidation measures.

Getting Help When You Can't Meet Your Mortgage Payment
Mortgage interest rates are rising, and so is everything else. If you're having trouble making your home mortgage payments, here are some tips for working with your lender.

Old Debts, New Concerns
Aggressive debt collectors may be buying your old debt. Find out why.

Debt Consolidation: Good Intentions Are Not Enough
Looking to reduce your credit card debt? It'll take more than simply good intentions.

Refinance And Consolidate Your Debt Today
Looking to consolidate your debt? With interest rates on the rise, the time to refinance is now!

Consolidate Debt: Live Within Your Means
Taking steps to consolidate your debt can be a great idea. Just don't do it at the expense of your credit card limits or mortgage.

Debt Management: How Much Can You Milk Your Home For?
Are you deep in mortgage debt? There is salvation through your home's equity.

Reverse Mortgages May Not Be Worth the Price Tag
You've probably heard about the benefits of reverse mortgages, but there are also drawbacks. Find out why you should think twice about applying for a reverse mortgage.

Move into the Black with Debt Consolidation
Don't just watch your paycheck go down the drain just trying to keep up with your debt. Start saving with debt consolidation.

Let a Home Equity Loan Ease Your Credit Card Debt
You can make a serious dent in your credit card debt with a home equity loan. Find out how.

Understanding Your Credit Report
Your credit report is so important that you have a responsibility to understand how that report affects your entire financial situation, including your new home loan.

Let Your Credit Report Work for You
Do you know who is allowed to see your credit report? Find out who is legally allowed to see your credit report and what they use it for.

Debt Consolidation with Cash-Out Refinancing
Ouch! It seems that every time you open your bills, it's more bad news. They've raised your interest rate, boosted late fees, or increased your minimum monthly payment. If you own a home, you may be able to reduce expenses and interest rates with a cash-out refinance of your home mortgage.

Refinance Your Mortgage for Debt Consolidation
One of the smartest moves you can make to restore your financial health is to refinance your current mortgage for debt consolidation.

Your Home Working for You: Debt Consolidation and Home Equity Loans
Debt consolidation and a home equity loan can give you the peace of mind and financial ability to pay your debts.

Consolidate Your Debt with Home Equity Loan Refinancing
Have a lot of equity in your home but a ton of credit card debt? Try refinancing for debt consolidation.

Choosing a Loan Type
Choosing a mortgage offers you the opportunity to select a borrowing plan that fits your individual budget and cash flow. Making a good decision on a loan can be critical, as mortgage monthly installments constitute a large portion of most household budgets.


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