Shed Excess Debt

By Debbie Wilson Columnist

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What you do with your money directly affects the quality of your life and that of your family's. Sure, that weekly trip to the salon might make you look and feel good, but do you know what this indulgence is doing to your bank account? Being financially fit and debt free is simple. All it takes is being honest about what youre spending and knowing whether or not you can really afford it.


Tackle Your Debt

Debt consolidation can be just as important as taking charge of your career, health, or education. But with so many financial obligations, including bank accounts, mortgages, credit cards, utilities, auto payments, etc., you might think your debt consolidation challenge is practically impossible. By focusing on a few basic strategies, you can whip your debt into shape faster and better than ever:
  • » Balance your checkbook
  • » Avoid late fees
  • » Track ATM withdrawals
  • » Keep tabs on your credit report
  • » Know your monthly bills
  • » Pay down credit card debt
  • » Cut down on discretionary spending
  • » Build your nest egg

Debt Busters

It may seem like common sense, but when was the last time you balanced your checkbook, paid all your bills on time, walked by the ATM machine without taking out money, got a copy of your credit report, or put away extra money into your retirement fund rather than purchased a new outfit or ordered take-out? If the answer is a resounding "I can't remember", now is the time to start your debt consolidation program. By using the aforementioned debt busting strategies, you too can enjoy financial freedom.

Get rid of your burdensome debt today. You'll love to watch your debts diminish and your assets grow!


About the Author
Debbie Wilson owns and operates a lakeside resort. Her previous experience includes profitability consulting for a national healthcare company. Debbie holds a B.A. in Business Management with a minor in Physical Education.

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