Beginning the Mortgage Application Process

by Kelly Richardson
Loan Page Columnist

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Before you begin the process of applying for a mortgage, there are some things you should know that will help the new home loan process go smoothly, including what materials and information you will need to fill out your application.

When new home hopefuls begin the mortgage application process, chances are that they won't be prepared for the demands of the process and they'll be caught off guard. The best way to prepare for your new home loan application is to go into the process knowing what you will be responsible for.

Mortgage Information You Will Need

While mortgage specialists can help, there are still several pieces of information and documentation that you will have to come up with on your own. Here are some of the most important items you will need when filling out the mortgage application.
  • » Credit Report: Before you begin the process for a new home loan, get a copy of your credit report and get any errors fixed by the credit bureaus.
  • » Income Verification: You will need to provide information concerning your income on your mortgage application.
  • » Debt Information: Your new home loan application will require you to list your current debts, such as your credit cards.

Other New Home Loan Application Information

Once you have filled out your mortgage application, it will go through a rigorous approval process before you receive the results. Here are some of the components of the approval process:
  • » Collateral: Your new home loan application will take into consideration your existing collateral and its value.
  • » Home Appraisal: You will receive a report on the appraisal value of the home that you intend to buy.
  • » Down Payment: A down payment of 10%-20% of the new home's value is often required to complete the mortgage transaction.

Knowing a little bit about the mortgage application process will help keep you in control of new home buying process.

About the Author
Kelly Richardson covers the local education and technology scenes in major cities across the country. His articles appear in educational journals, periodicals, and e-zines.

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