Cash Out Options: Refinancing and Home Equity Loans

by Kelly Richardson
Loan Page Columnist

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If you need of some extra cash for unforeseen expenses, there are a couple of different ways you can use your mortgage to meet your needs. Through mortgage refinancing or a home equity loan, you can receive cash out of the transaction with very few fees involved.

Did you know that your home can be a source of funds for you if you take advantage of special lending options? Known as cash out, you can structure your mortgage refi or apply for a home equity loan to get cash from the transaction.

Mortgage Refinancing and Home Equity Loan Basics

Aside from some simple fees, these are two typical ways that you can obtain the money you need for expenses such as home improvement, college tuition, or debt reduction.

Here is a breakdown of both of these types of cash-out transactions.

  • » Mortgage Refinancing: With cash-out mortgage refinancing, you will structure a mortgage that is larger than your current home loan. The difference between the two loans can be withdrawn as cash at closing.
  • » Home Equity Loans: With a home equity loan, you are converting the equity built up in your home into cash. This is performed using a second mortgage that will be placed under your current mortgage.

Things to Consider Before Signing

As with any mortgage or home loan transaction, there are several aspects to consider before you choose one or the other. Knowing what to expect will keep you from being surprised at closing.

Here are some quick facts about mortgage refinancing and home equity loans that you will want to keep in mind.
    Repayment: With mortgage refinancing, the repayment amount and term will be different from your previous mortgage, since you're replacing it with a new mortgage. You will also be expected to repay the money you borrow before you can sell your home. Fees: Both mortgage refinancing and home equity loan plans require fees to complete the transaction. Ask your lender to give you a list of the fees associated with each cash-out option.

If you need fast cash, mortgage refinancing and home equity loans are a great way to go. Ask you preferred lender about these two cash-out options today.

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