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Mortgage Methods: When to Consider Yourself a Candidate for Debt Consolidation
Lower mortgage rates make refinancing a debt consolidation technique to consider.

Refinance a Mortgage? If the King of Pop Can Do It, So Can You
If even Michael Jackson finds himself having to refinance a mortgage, perhaps you should look into it too.

Need Help Managing Your Debt? Refinancing with a Home Equity Loan is Your Solution
Despite the greater responsibilities of a mortgage, refinancing consumer debt into a home equity loan can be a good debt management strategy.

Now is the Time to Refinance Your Adjustable-Rate Mortgage
Even if mortgage rates have already reset to higher levels, it still may make sense for adjustable-rate mortgage holders to refinance to a fixed-rate mortgage.

Mortgage Refinancing: When is it Your Turn?
With history as a general guide, and a mortgage calculator for the specifics, you can determine when refinancing makes sense.

Bad Credit: How Can I Refinance My Mortgage?
You've got bad credit, and want to refinance your mortgage. If you have enough home equity, or have maintained good credit for a few years, you may qualify for standard refinancing.

Swimming Against the Tide: Lower Mortgage Rates and ARM Refinancing
With mortgage rates trending lower, holders of adjustable rate mortgages should be alert for opportunities to refinance.

Preventing a Personal Mortgage Meltdown
News reports indicate that approximately two million adjustable rate mortgages (ARM's) are due to reset to higher interest rates. This could mean that your mortgage payments will increase by 35%, or even more. Are you ready?

Don't Let Mortgage Company Woes Scare You From Refinancing
Mortgage company problems should not discourage you from refinancing.

Resolving Mortgage Problems: Talk with Your Lender First
Your mortgage payments are going up, and money is tight. If refinancing is not an option, contact your mortgage lender and ask for assistance. Mortgage lenders may offer programs that can help avoid credit problems.

Better Mortgage Conditions Emerge from the Bad News
Mortgage market difficulties may actually contribute to pushing mortgage rates down and making refinancing attractive again.

Manage Your Mortgage Before Default Looms
Taking a positive action like refinancing can help you avoid mortgage foreclosure.

Explore Mortgage Refinancing Options Before Selling Under Pressure
Refinancing can be a means of restructuring your mortgage debt to make monthly payments affordable.

New Math: Use Mortgage Calculators for More Than Just Mortgages
Mortgage calculators can be useful to determine whether refinancing a mortgage is a sensible option for debt consolidation.

APR and Debt Consolidation Refinancing
Tired of high costs associated with credit cards and consumer loans? Refinancing your mortgage may provide cash for paying off consumer debt. Understanding and comparing the APR for all of your accounts can help you organize your finances.

Interest Only Refinancing for Cash
Interest only refinancing can provide additional cash for business ventures, remodeling, or other purposes. Carefully review mortgage terms to find financing that works best for you.

Home Improvement: Refinance Your Mortgage or Get a Home Equity Loan?
It isn't difficult to become confused about the right loan for your home improvement project. Loan products and terminology can be confusing if you don't understand them, but finding the right loan doesn't have to be difficult.

Refinancing Questions: Fixed-Rate vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Which is better for you? The fixed-rate and adjustable rate loans both have unique advantages. Deciding which meets your refinancing needs depends on your goals and finances.

LTV Ratio Essential in Planning Home Equity Financing
Refinancing can provide funds for debt consolidation and other needs. Knowing your present loan-to-value ratio (LTV) is essential for planning home equity loans.

Comparing Refinancing Costs
Looking for a deal on refinancing? Comparing costs for home mortgage refinancing can help you save money. Here are tips for finding affordable refinancing.

Shopping for Refinancing: Consider More than Mortgage Loan Rates
Getting a lower interest rate is often the only reason for refinancing, but considering your lifestyle and financial goals can help you eliminate consumer debt and improve your cash flow.

Mortgage Refinancing Should Be Part of Debt Management Strategy
Mortgage refinancing can be part of a broader strategy to reduce your debt burden.

Facing Foreclosure? Refinancing May be Possible
If you're having financial problems, refinancing your mortgage may be possible even if you're looking at a potential foreclosure. Contact your lender today to determine your options.

Mortgage Refinance or Home Equity Loan?
Should you refinance your current mortgage? Or should you draw on a home equity line of credit. The answer is...

Forced to Sell or Time to Buy
Today's supply of unsold new and existing homes remains high. It is time to refinance?

Asking Your Mortgage Lender for Help
You've seen the headlines about mortgage foreclosures, and now you've fallen behind with your mortgage payments. Here are some tips for working with your lender, and avoiding scams that can make a bad situation worse.

Credit Management Makes Refinance Reality
Looking to refinance your mortgage loan? Credit management might just help you get there.

Refinance Now or Later?
You get the spam e-mails, and are bombarded with snail mail and media ads urging you to refinance. You've got credit card bills and could use some spare cash. How do you know when to refinance?

Lower Your Mortgage Rate: Get the Facts
Looking to reduce your current mortgage rate? Read on to learn how.

Refinancing Subprime Mortgage Loans
If you have a high interest adjustable rate mortgage loan due to poor credit, it's time to consider refinancing your mortgage to avoid further rate increases.

Fannie Mae: The Name to Know for Home Loans and Mortgage Refinance
If you're in the market for a home loan or are interested in refinancing your current mortgage, Fannie Mae has a program for you.

Understanding Your Mortgage Now Helps Avoid Problems Later
Recent news reports suggest that many homeowners are headed for financial woes as their adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) adjust to higher interest rates. What can you do to avoid problems when your mortgage payments rise?

Removing PMI Through Refinancing
Rising interest rates and changing real estate markets can make it difficult to decide how or if you should get a home equity loan or consider refinancing your mortgage.

The Mortgage Refinancing Process and Why You Should Refinance
Mortgage refinancing is the hot topic as of late. But should you take the plunge and refinance your own home?

Refinancing to Help You Save
According to a CNN report, Americans are saving at the lowest rate since the Great Depression, while 28 million of us will retire within the next 20 years. Your home equity can help you save for retirement.

Protecting Your ARM-Financed Home From Foreclosure
Unexpected interest rate hikes on adjustable rate mortgages are raising concerns about foreclosures. Home financing experts recommend people with ARMs to lock in a fixed rate.

Refinancing as a Tool for Credit Repair
Gas, prices, education costs, groceries, you name it and it's going up. So are interest rates. Your credit's a little spotty. Refinancing your mortgage may help.

Reading the Fine Print When Refinancing
In spite of bad news about current interest rates, there are compelling reasons for refinancing. Knowing the terms of your loan in advance can help prevent trouble later.

Missing a Mortgage Payment: Getting Back on Track
It's embarrassing to admit, but you're going to have to miss a mortgage payment for the first time. Contact your lender for help, and consider these suggestions for the future.

Savings and Loans for Mortgage Refinancing and New Home Loans
Consider utilizing the flexibility and convenience of a savings and loans lender for your mortgage refinancing or new home loan.

Try Freddie Mac for a Home Loan or Mortgage Refinancing
For reliable information and service on your home loan or mortgage refinancing, Freddie Mac is a name that you should know.

Title Search Can Reveal Hidden Problems
You're refinancing your home, and are wondering why you have to pay for a title search. You pay your mortgage on time. Why do you need a title search?

Using Mortgage Calculators to Determine Refinancing Options
Mortgage calculators are widely available online. Before refinancing your mortgage, you can use these calculators to estimate your new payment, determine how much you can afford to borrow, and to compare refinancing options.

Points vs. Rates: What's The Trade Off?
Do you know how to compare points vs. rates?

Interest-Only Mortgages: The Flexible Solution for Refinancing
If you're looking for some extra cash, consider refinancing with an interest-only mortgage.

Refinance Options: Narrowing Down the Options
Not sure if you should refinance your mortgage loan? Read on to learn about different loan options for refinancing.

Understanding the Cost of Refinancing Your Mortgage
You bought your new home with an adjustable rate mortgage, but are concerned about your interest rate. As current mortgage rates rise, it may be time to consider refinancing.

Cash Out Options: Refinancing and Home Equity Loans
Mortgage refinancing and a home equity loan are a couple of ways in which you can receive cash at closing, so you can pay for everything from education to renovation.

Calculating the Costs of Refinancing Your Home Loan
Before you refinance your home loan, it is critical to calculate the costs of restructuring your current mortgage.

Let Your Down Payment Work For You
Your down payment affects every aspect of buying a home. Find out why.

Mortgage Backed Securities: Where The Money Comes From
Are you considering refinancing your home but wonder how mortgage-backed securities really work? Read on to learn more.

Beware Of Home Mortgage Refinance Rip-Offs
If you're looking to refinance your home mortgage, beware of mortgage rip-offs.

How Does Refinancing Work?
When you refinance your mortgage loan, it allows you to take advantage of improvements in your credit or drops in market interest rates in a new mortgage plan. There are different ways to refinance, all of which are aimed towards saving or earning you more money.

Bad Credit, Less than Good Credit
Are you seeking a loan but fear how a poor credit history will impact your success? Do you have a mortgage that isnt always paid on time? You are not alone.

Fixed Rate Mortgages: How to Buy Peace of Mind
Owning your own home is the American dream. You, too, can make the dream come true, but first you'll have to understand the world of home loans.

How to Buy Peace of Mind
Would you trade a higher interest rate for a little peace of mind? A fixed rate mortgage may be the right home loan for you.


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