Find out how much you can expect to pay in closing costs on your home loan. Just fill in the information below to get started.

Please note that your actual closing costs may vary substantially from this estimate based on your actual investments and returns. This calculator is intended is for informational purposes only.


  1. Enter the costs associated with the property purchase, including the price of the property, mortgage balance, contract deposit, and down payment.
  2. Enter your non-recurring costs, such as points, attorney fees, escrow fees, property inspection fees, and title insurance costs.
  3. Enter recurring costs and prorated fees, including property insurance, taxes, private mortgage insurance, and the pro-rated interest and first month's payment.
  4. Click compute. The total amount you can expect to pay in closing costs, recurring payments, and the total amount of cash you'll need to pay will be displayed.

Calculate Your Closing Costs

Items Amount($) Approximate Cost

Purchase Costs

Price of Property ($): Varies
Expected Mortgage Balance ($): Varies
Contract Deposit Varies
Down Payment (total $): Varies

Non-Recurring Closing Costs

Points / Loan Origination Fee ($): Varies
Assumption Fee ($): $0 unless FHA/VA
Credit Report ($): Usually $50-$100
Appraisal ($): Usually $200-400
Recording, and Notary Fees ($): Usually $50-$100
Title Insurance (ATA) ($): Usually $200-$400
Escrow Fee ($): Usually $200-$800
Document Preparation Fee ($): Usually $50-$100
Tax Service ($): Usually $50-$100
Prop. Inspect. Fee(s) (Termite, Roof, etc.) ($): Usually $150-$250
Homeowners Assoc. Transfer Fees ($): Usually $0-$100
Attorney's Fees ($): Usually $0-$500
Misc. Fees (courier, underwriting, wire transfer, etc.) ($): Usually $75-$150

Recurring Closing Costs and Pro-rated Costs

Property and Hazard Insurance ($): Varies
Property Tax ($): Varies
Interest Pro-ration ($): Varies
Private Mortgage Insurance ($): Varies
Pro-Rated First Month Payment ($): Varies


Total Down ($):
Total Estimated Closing Costs ($):
Total Estimated Recuring & Pro-rated Costs ($):
Total Estimated Cash Outlay ($):

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Type of Loan

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Home Equity Loan or Line
Debt Consolidation
New Home Loan

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